Due to its lack of moisture-resistance, carpeted flooring oftentimes goes overlooked. When carpeting endures inevitable spills, stains and other accidents, they require immediate attention to avoid seeping into the subfloor and leading to possible odors – or worse yet, mold.

Naturally, hard-surfaced floors like laminate, vinyl and hardwood flooring have become increasingly popular. Partially because they look nice, but they’re also much more convenient to clean.

Though this stigma of nuisance carpet cleaning has loomed over carpet flooring throughout its history, there are now innovations that have improved carpet cleaning solutions without any hassle or stress.

Because of modern engineering processes, carpet flooring has been made to be not only water resistant but waterproof. Yes, you read that correctly.
Needless to say, we are now seeing much more of the style and comfort of carpet flooring coupled with the moisture resilience of hard-surface floors.

Waterproof Carpet Technologies

Learn more about some of these new engineering techniques that have produced waterproof technologies:

  • SpillStop® – SpillStop provides a specialty backing that prevents moisture from reaching the subfloor, protecting it from any mold. SpillStop works by keeping liquids sitting on the surface of the carpet’s backing where it can easily be soaked up.
  • R2X® – While SpillStop works to prevent spills from soaking through the carpet, R2X focuses on the carpet fibers in particular. This engineering process tightly winds each individual carpet fiber, making them completely resistant to soaking up any liquid. An added bonus provided by R2X is that it helps to repel soil from becoming embedded in the carpet.

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Sirens Waterproof Carpet

Sirens waterproof carpet room scene

Sirens offers a traditional carpet look and is available in a variety of colors that will add a touch of modern flair to your home. Its backing is completely waterproof and prevents spills from reaching the subfloor.

Oeneus Waterproof Carpet

Oeneus waterproof carpet flooring room scene

Oeneus features a unique pattern, bold enough to be noticed and yet subtle enough to blend in easily with any style. Oeneus is available in several earth-tones and features tight-knit construction that prevents spills from soaking into carpet fibers.

Attica Waterproof Carpet

Attica waterproof carpet room scene

Our Attica carpeting features bold patterns that tend to invoke luxurious feels. Often dubbed as the “marble of soft surface,” Attica matches its hard-surface counterpart when it comes to moisture-resistance.
To view our full section of carpet flooring, visit our carpet and FASHION Destination selections.

To view our full selection of carpet flooring, visit our Carpet and FASHION Destination sections!

Area and Oriental Rugs

Carpet isn’t the only soft flooring that benefits from a waterproof construction. Area and oriental rugs are becoming increasingly waterproof as well. Similar engineering processes are implemented on these rugs, although the increased variety of materials offers a much larger selection of styles.

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To see the many styles of waterproof carpet available, or to learn more about the benefits, be sure to stop by The Rug Market in Rochester today!

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