Area rugs are a simple and easy home improvement solution that can add to any room’s style, organization and comfort. Since it takes the right rug to match the right room, the selection process isn’t always an easy one. That’s why we have provided a quick, useful guide to finding the perfect home accents to your home’s flooring solutions.

Putting the “Area” in Area Rugs

There’s a reason why they’re called “area” rugs – that reason is that they do in fact help to define different areas of a room.

By strategically placing rugs and runners, you can improve a room’s overall cohesion and enhance its organization. For example, placing your sofa, coffee table and love seat on one rug helps to distinguish an area for relaxation from perhaps a desk and printer area used for work or study.


If you intend on placing your area rug in an area of your home where there is a lot of traffic, or if you have young children, durability becomes an important factor when selecting the perfect rug. This is especially important in high traffic areas as those rugs will wear much more quickly.

Selecting a Color

Let one of our sales associates guide you in selecting the best color and style for your home. Feel free to bring in paint samples, fabric swatches or cushions to help with the selection process. We’ll even let you take any rug in our store home to try it out before finalizing your purchase. That way, we can help to eliminate any doubts or fear of making the wrong decision.

Expert Advice

If you still need help choosing the perfect area rug for your home or find yourself overwhelmed browsing through our hundreds of choices, we’d love to help. We have spent the past 86 years helping people find the perfect area rugs for their homes. You will find a combination of trendy and classic selections and also get expert advice from Rochester’s top flooring professionals.



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