Tips for cleaning spills on your carpet

Keeping your carpets looking brand new can be difficult.  Despite your best efforts, eventually, your carpet will endure foot traffic and accidental spills.

While it may be impossible to avoid the occasional spill or staining, it is not impossible to clean the mess it leaves. A small, one-gallon Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is our top recommendation for cleaning up carpet spills.  A dedicated and clean vacuum cleaner is best for spills as opposed to an older, dirtier vacuum, which runs the risk of exhausting dirty water onto the carpet.  Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners are reasonably priced, easy-to-use and are extremely effective when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

Addressing the Spill

For darker spills like red wine or grape juice, suction all of the liquid from the stained area by pouring a glass of cold tap water onto the carpet.  Continue to suction and pour cold water onto the area until the water being suctioned is completely clear.

Millikens’ CAPTURE dry powder is great for carpet cleaning and is safe to use on all different types of fibers and fabrics, bringing professional grade cleaning capabilities to consumers.  This cleaning solution is approved for all stain resistant carpets.  Unlike other carpet cleaning solutions which oftentimes dilute and spread stains, CAPTURE dry powder adheres to dirt, allowing users to vacuum the particles away without leaving a sticky residue.

This is an ideal product to use for carpet cleaning that combines safety, ease of use and superior cleaning results at home.

What About Hard Surface Floors?

We understand that accidents happen and they can happen anywhere in the home.  For spills on vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring we offer an assortment of cleaners that are specifically geared towards hard surfaced floors.


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