If you haven’t been in the market for tile in 10 – 15 years or more, you may be pleasantly surprised at all of our new 2017 options. Daltile, producer of some of the highest-tech tiles, has written an article about the top five trends for 2017.

If you’re planning on a future bathroom or kitchen redesign, consider these top trends in the tiling industry:

#1: Get Inventive with Wood-Look Tile

Wood-like tile has already been established as a favorite and that won’t change in 2017. In fact, wood-look tile is becoming even better looking with each new product being introduced. But this trend will shift slightly during the new year towards some creative uses…

Layouts and Applications
Look for tile planks in all sorts of interesting patterns, especially herringbone. You’ll also find wood-look tile making a strong appearance on walls.

This weathered, distressed look is a big trend right now and is anticipated to grow in 2017. Everything from barn wood looks to aged painted planks will make more of an appearance than in previous years.

Painted wood will be the next bold thing in wood flooring. Tile will follow suit with whitewashed looks and even some brightly hued geometric patterns and floral designs on a classic wood grain texture.

Cross Grain
A new idea in wood is the cross grain. Most wood in the home shows the grain, but some manufacturers are showing interest in highlighting a new perspective. Think of what you’d see if you looked at a tree stump — that’s the cross grain. The texture of cross grain will create a whole new wood-look in tile for 2017 and beyond.

#2: Smooth, Cement-Look Tile

Cement-like tile flooringCement, like wood, isn’t a necessarily a new idea for floors or walls. But, this trend is going to hit its stride in 2017. It’s a look that doesn’t date itself, which means that it’s here to stay.

2017 will see the paring of Cotto and concrete — something that only tile can give you. This gives a plain concrete look an upgrade by adding more depth and character. The rustic and slightly aged look lets this look work in more classic designs rather than being exclusive to modern designs.

Soft Tones
Cement-look tile in 2017 will be softer and warmer, making it suitable for all kinds of design. Concrete isn’t just for modern design anymore. Look for it in warm grey, taupe and beiges.

Size and Shape
Concrete-look tiles will begin to be available in many different shapes and sizes in 2017. Mosaic, planks, hex and large format will become popular. This upgrade elevates cement-looks in design.

#3: A Look at Brick

Brick-like tile room sceneBrick-look tile is a much easier to maintain than actual brick and gives you the same look and feel. 2017 will see the classic Chicago loft look taken to the next level.

Most brick installations are for the wall. But in 2017, we will see brick on the floor. Brick-look tile on the floor is a great idea because porcelain is already a proven winner for floors.

Painted Brick
Just like wood, brick is getting a facelift with some paint. Painted brick has that retro look that is coming back into vogue but it still has a flair of the contemporary. Look for tile with graphics, text, and highlights in metallic colors.

Aged brick, like the kind you’d find in an old downtown loft is available in tile and probably the most popular choice in brick-look for 2017.

#4: Interpreting Marble in a New Way

The classic high-end look of marble is what everyone wants and in every imaginable format. Porcelain tile is ready to deliver.

Porcelain makes it possible for the marble look to go where it has never gone before. In 2017 it will be popular on the floor, wall, mosaic and mixed with other materials.

This enduring, classic marble look with its white background and grey veining is going to be huge in 2017. When it comes to tile, the marble look is more realistic than ever.

#5: Highlight Wall Tile

Wall tile isn’t limited to a backsplash anymore. It’s replacing paint and wallpaper as the favored wall covering in 2017.

Metallics used as an accent make a design lean towards the dramatic. Even in small doses, metallic is a hit. It will be everywhere this year, but it will play a supporting role.

Tile will jump off the wall in all kinds of 3D designs this year. While trends will still favor neutral colors, textures will be anything but neutral. Look for a geometric pattern, waves, handcrafted look and high-low mosaic patterns.

Tile on the wall is getting bigger and getting away from classic mosaic backsplash. It won’t be unusual to see large format tile, including planks. The new favorite will be tiles 24 inches or more in length.

The year ahead is full of promise for design and for new developments in tile. Visit www.Daltile.com to see the latest and greatest.

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