Carpet vs. Hardwood – the Benefits of Each

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Hardwood vs. CarpetInnovations in the floor industry continue to give homeowners increasingly more options when deciding on what type of floor to install. Carpet and hardwoods are highly popular choices that, depending on preferences and need, offer unique touches to a room that can enhance a beauty and warmth of a room.

Hardwood Floors


Made from natural materials, hardwood floors add a refined beauty to a room that is timeless. Taking into consideration durability needs, color or style, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from, including oak, maple, hickory, birch, and acacia and more with each offering its’ own charm. While installation is pricier, wood flooring endures through time, lasting decades or longer. History speaks for itself-hardwoods will never go out of style.

Caring for Your Floor

Sweeping up crumbs and dust with a broom makes cleaning hardwoods an efficient and easy process. Spills can be quickly wiped away with a towel, while muddy feet and other food and outdoor hazards can be cleaned with a vacuum and a hardwood cleaner.


You don’t have to completely give up carpet with a hardwood option. Mix it up with an area rug which come in many styles to suit your needs as well as warming and quieting a room.


Like hardwood floors, carpet offers its own benefits that make it an attractive choice. For one, it is relatively easy to install and less expensive than hardwoods. When taken care of with regular vacuuming and proper maintenance carpet can last many years. Carpet is also insulating, keeping not only feet warm during the chillier months but also providing an extra layer of protection against the cold and helping to reduce energy costs. Contrary to what most people think, carpet is less likely to cause allergies. On hard surface floors dust is more likely to become airborne, increasing issues with allergies and requiring more frequent vacuuming. With the use of a proper vacuum, dust can be easily removed preventing dust from becoming airborne.

Soft and Safe

The cushion carpet provides a number of benefits, including a more forgiving surface for little heads and limbs as well as brittle bones. It also has less impact on joints for anyone standing on their feet for long periods of time. Plus, the soft surface helps to provide comfort and a quiet environment.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to carpet selections. You can find many solid and multi tone carpets as well as many patterned selections. Almost all carpets are treated with stain protection that makes for easy cleaning and harder to stain.

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Choosing whether you want to install hardwood or carpet in a room is really a choice of preference and room function. Stop in or call us at The Rug Market anytime to discuss flooring needs. The Rug Market has an array of options to choose from!

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