Due to its convenience, online shopping has increasingly grew in popularity in recent years. However, some things just don’t seem logical to purchase without seeing, touching or trying it on first. Like carpets, for example.

Purchasing Carpet from a Trusted Retailer

Oftentimes, people visit a brick and mortar stores, find what looks good and fits right, then try to find the same item online at a discounted price; some do the same with carpet. They’ll visit a store to find what they like, then shop the internet for a better deal. The problem is, the installation will probably be your big headache if you buy from an internet retailer.

Three reasons why this is true:

  1. The amount of carpet needed must be determined properly. Measuring carpet yourself isn’t as easy as you might think. You can’t just measure length and width and you’re done. Seaming is required the majority of the time. Where the seams fall and their visibility can present problems.
  2. The carpet must be shipped to someone who not only can receive it, but also can inspect it for manufacturing defects. If there is a problem, there’s no retailer to stand behind what is sold. You are, in essence, the contractor who must handle the many aspects of the job, from measuring to determining the correct cushion to inspection and installation. How will you get the carpet off the truck? Rolls of carpet can weigh over 500 pounds. Do you own a forklift?
  3. Do you have access to a mill rep if there is a problem with the carpet? Retailers do. Many times the measuring and installing are done by their own employees. They know which direction to lay the carpet, how to seam it and can stand behind their work. What happens when the installer takes your money and runs when there’s a problem?

If you do purchase carpet from the internet, you are responsible for anything and everything. For peace of mind (and to avoid a costly headache later), purchase from your local flooring experts.

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